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Ga Tech warns team about KU

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  • Ga Tech warns team about KU


    This is my favorite part of the story:

    Kansas fans booed during the loss.

    Johnson said he knows how it feels to be booed by home fans. He said he heard boos and insults as a coach at his high school alma mater in Avery County, N.C.

    “Fans will be fans,” Johnson said. “I can remember my first coaching job. I think the first year we didn’t lose a regular-season game in high school and it was actually my hometown. The second year we lost one in the regular season, and as we were coming off the field, they were yelling ‘Fire the bums.’ They were yelling at me ‘Hey, you weren’t any good when you played.’”

    That's right coach, going undefeated and then losing one game the next season is EXACTLY the same as going 5-7 last year and dropping your first game to a FCS school.

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    Re: Ga Tech warns team about KU

    They're not D2

    they're FCS

    jesus christ, don't make it worse than it is


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      Re: Ga Tech warns team about KU

      Fair enough. It's early, don't judge.


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        Re: Ga Tech warns team about KU

        i'm sure they're scared.