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    Re: Big 12 Pick 'em:

    Mizzou vs. Illinois 11:30am (MU -12)
    - Mizzou. THEY OWN ST. LOUIS!
    Colorado vs. Colorado State 1pm (CU -11.5)
    - Whoever makes the least mistakes will win. However, they'll both make the MOST mistakes.
    Texas (5) vs. Rice 2:30pm (UT -31)
    - Generally stay away from huge spreads, but have to imagine UT will clean house
    Kansas State vs. UCLA 2:30pm (KSU -1.5) -
    KSU at home, should win the 6-3 bloodbath.
    Oklahoma (7) vs. Utah State 6pm (OU -33.5) -
    Utah State is bad. Can Landry's 'stache put up 35? I say yes, by halftime.
    Baylor vs. Sam Houston State 6pm (Baylor -39.5) -
    1AA bruiser SHSU, Rhett Bomar ain't strolling through that door. Baylor better hope Griffin's knee doesn't reshred to clear 40.
    Texas A&M vs. Stephen F. Austin 6pm (A&M -30.5) -
    Used to live in Nac, and have friends that graduated from SFA. They lost to eventual 1AA champs Montana in the playoffs (IT WILL NEVER WORK IN FOOTBALL!). Their 5 wide pass attack should be negated by A&M's history(they're good still, right?). This pic is for pitinoslibido.
    Oklahoma State vs. Washington State 6pm (OSU -17)
    Zac to Dez all season long, baby!! Oh shit, it isn't 07 or 08 anymore... better tell Mangino and Todd.
    Nebraska ( 8 ) vs. Western Kentucky 6pm (NU -37.5)
    Nebraska can't score 35 points against the computer on JV mode. Plus Nebraska can suck it. WKU +37.5
    Kansas vs. North Dakota State 6pm (KU -27)
    Not sure how I feel about this. The constant sunshine pumping by the local media has made me convinced our team will be a shade of awful that hasn't been seen lately. Can Pick and Ango put up 27? Probably. Can our 'aw fuck it' defensive scheme stop anyone? Probably NDSU, probably not GT. I'll take KU - 27.

    Texas Tech vs. SMU 2:30pm (TTU -13.5)
    Tuberball will not look like Leach's pirate ship. This will be a game time decision barring Taylor Potts' 'stache. As of Friday morning, I'll take TT over June Jones' experiment in north Texas.


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      Re: Big 12 Pick 'em:

      [quote author=RandytheHelpfulPineapple link=topic=887.msg9475#msg9475 date=1283523155]
      Iowa State 27 vs. NIU 10

      Mizzou 23 vs. Illinois 13 (MU -12) - MU W, Illinois W spread
      Colorado 24 vs. Colorado State 3 (CU -11.5) - CU W & spread
      Texas 34 vs. Rice 17 (UT -31) - Texas W, Rice W spread
      Kansas State 31 vs. UCLA 22 (KSU -1.5) - KSU W & spread
      Oklahoma 31 vs. Utah State 24 (OU -33.5) - OU W, Utah State W spread
      Baylor 34 vs. Sam Houston State 3 (Baylor -39.5) - Baylor W, SHSU W spread
      Texas A&M 48 vs. Stephen F. Austin 7 (A&M -30.5) - aTm W & spread
      Oklahoma State 65 vs. Washington State 17 (OSU -17) - OSU W & spread
      Nebraska ( 8 ) 49 vs. Western Kentucky 10 (NU -37.5) - Nebraska W & spread
      Kansas 3 vs. North Dakota State 6 (KU -27) - NDSU W & spread

      Texas Tech 35 vs. SMU 27 (TTU -13.5) - TTU W, SMU W spread


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        Re: Big 12 Pick 'em:

        That is about as bas as I can ever remember doing picking games with the spread. Just embarassing.