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*** OFFICIAL: 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread ***

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    Fun fact: Loyola-Chicago was the 1963 NCAA champion. Sister Jean was there as a spry 44 year old.


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      Originally posted by FrobozMumbar View Post
      Fun fact: Loyola-Chicago was the 1963 NCAA champion. Sister Jean was there as a spry 44 year old.
      Fun fact: Sister Jean and I shared a special evening at the Four Seasons (Chicago) in 1953.


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        Sister Jean is not my Mother (Superior):


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          Originally posted by EasyDisease View Post

          Fun fact: Sister Jean and I shared a special evening at the Four Seasons (Chicago) in 1953.
          More likely here in 1953:

          Mid-20th Century Chicago. Sooty. Smelly. Boisterously corrupt.

          At 606 S. Wabash Avenue, in a district of flophouses, sits a burlesque club, the kind of place that puts ashtrays on every table and gives customers matchbooks whose covers show topless women in stiletto heels prancing around with bubbles.

          As the city's burlesque clubs go, the 606 is considered swank.

          An ad in the 1938 Chicago Tribune promotes the charms of one Mona Leslie, a "Streets of Paris" dancer "featured on the program of amusement at the 606 Club."

          Swank or not, in the 1940s, the 606 is shut down for its "indecent" shows. A year later, it reopens.

          "A strip-tease joint" is what the New Yorker writer A.J. Liebling calls the club in his 1952 book, "Chicago: The Second City."

          "The 606 has a bar," writes Liebling, "but it is in the rear of the place, and there are tables between it and the blanket-size stage on which the girls perform."

          He is not impressed. Neither is the Frenchman to whom he is giving a tour of Chicago's "native culture."

          Liebling concedes, however, that of all the joints in all the town, the 606 is not the worst.

          "The girls in the 606 appear a trifle better fed than those in the Clark Street places," he writes, "and consequently exhibit a bit more spirit."

          In the mid-1950s, the owner of the 606, who is also a Democratic precinct captain, is convicted for his part in a voter fraud scheme. The club carries on, frequented by politicians, tourists and a guy named Hugh Hefner.

          Probably why she became a nun.


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              I think that guy still ended up better than my bracket.


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                Behold my bracket, and see that it is barren.


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                  LOL @ the B1G...I guess the basketball media picked the wrong conference knob to bob on this year.


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                    Welp, guess we don't have to worry about defending Garza. Course we may not have to worry about playing the Ducks either.


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                      Baylor, Gonzaga, Loyola, Villanova, Creighton and Oral Roberts in the Sweet 16 plus a first-round upset by Abilene Christian. The Crusades have been rebooted!


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                        Jesus only says the magic spells to help the teams who pray to him to win. Truefact.


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                          The Jayhawks are playing bad, it makes me feel sad.


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                            I don’t understand how this shit keeps happening....sure, lose the game, fine, whatever....but is it too much to ask to not be run out of the gym? It’s unbelievable


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                              This was a sadly incomplete team that won way more games this year than they should have, but I’m still not sure if that’s because of Self’s coaching or in spite of it.

                              What I do know, and have said on this board many times, is that KU’s style of offense/personnel choices looks woefully outdated, and that has to be negatively impacting recruiting as much as the impending NCAA hammer.


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                                K-State basketball program appears to be in shambles. Four players transferring out. Maybe that's inevitable after the season they've had.

                                A fourth K-State men’s basketball player is parting ways with the Wildcats.

                                Verbal Commits
                                tweeted Monday K-State forward Joe Petrakis has entered the transfer portal. Petrakis later retweeted the post.

                                The redshirt sophomore joined the Wildcats in 2019 as a preferred walk-on before being offered a scholarship this past January.

                                DaJuan Gordon, Rudi Williams and Antonio Gordon all announced their decisions to transfer from K-State last week.