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State of the Program and all the Shit

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  • State of the Program and all the Shit

    Without using jokes or funny business, can anyone tell me what the state of the program is in regards to cheating and paying players and adidas and porn stars and ticket scandals and cheating and paying refs and strippers and bill self going to the bulls and cheating?

    like, is everything over? Are we still waiting on a punishment? Admittedly, all this ongoing investigating took my low interest in college basketball and moved it to around zero, but I still want us to win...but I’m tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop

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    I think the cloud has affected recruiting even though a specific punishment hasn't been handed down.

    Honestly, self-imposing a postseason ban wouldn't be the worst thing in the world as long as the NCAA is still treating them as genuine acts of contrition instead of the silly cop-outs that they are. It's not like the players didn't know there was a chance they could be forced to skip an NCAA Tournament if they decided to commit. And with everything going on I think there's a perception that this season is not a "real" season. The main thing to consider is if it would finally chase Bill off to the NBA, but it's not like the Spurs or Thunder have playoff-ready rosters, and the Bulls just hired Billy Donovan. It'd be a fun game of chicken.


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