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  • Future Holiday Tournaments

    How would any of you feel about planning a meetup (not you Gard) at a future holiday tournament? Maui in 2023?

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      Good luck getting tickets, unless you plan on buying the high dollar package that includes staying at resort. Folks complained about all the extra resort prices like $25 for glass of orange juice and $40 to use a lounge chair at the beach. (That was prices 9 years ago). Plus then you either had to pay for a cab to the game or go when the shuttle would take you. Plus, tickets aren’t for reserved seats. You stand in line (can be for hours) to get into game and fight for a seat. We didn’t know how early you had to get in line and so our very first time, we ended up without a seat at the game. Had to stand on the stairs the entire time. It was an amazing experience and glad we did it once.