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anybody know thetimetable that the independent committee will rule on our violations?

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    Originally posted by MissTCShore View Post

    I wonder what this sentence means.
    Not gonna lie (cause I'm not a lawyer), but I had to read it 3 times to get it.


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      I had to laugh at myself a little this morning. What a fascinating journey this whole process has been. As a non-attorney, I never thought I'd be reading about anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) cases in California (Neville vs Chudacoff, though I doubt any of you are interested) or "contemplated civil litigation" in Texas. It's been an intriguing intellectual exercise to follow the media and the various forum threads these many months and years.

      I haven't the slightest idea how this all will turn out, but, as Protist is wont to say, I somehow have a "bad feeling about this". The whole issue seems to be like a cornered animal balanced on a razor's edge with abject desperation on one side and righteous revenge on the other. But, as a fan, that anxiety is balanced by a hope that HCBS some how manages to plunge his phallus into the NCAA way up beyond the "white line of Hilton" (anatomical reference). I welcome everyone's thoughts on this. It is a quarantine-worthy side trip that I reluctantly enjoy.