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I missed the game (and chat) because of work, how did we look?

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  • I missed the game (and chat) because of work, how did we look?

    Since i don't have espn+ couldn't DVR it either.

    How many minutes did Dok play?

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    Dok played well. Very pleased with his progress. We played a good first half and a lousy second half. Dotson looked good. Lots of mistakes. Grimes may be starting to get on track.


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      I honestly think we were trying too hard in the second half to run the offense through Doke and Grimes. I think this team really, really wants Grimes to get going.


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        Chat was great, just not WtW chat. As WhiteJak said, it was "wonky". Wish you could have at least joined us in chat qwerty and KUGDI...even if it was a different chat.

        Chat Link:

        Our 2nd half was as poor as our 1st half was good. The effort in the 2nd half was pathetic, got out rebounded and out hustled to nearly every loose ball. Dok was especially good in the 1st half right out of the box. He didn't seem to favor his ankle at all while testing it several times. Lawson looked to pass most of the game and his shot was a bit off as well. It's always good to win, especially if Self gets several "teaching" moments out of it. He did in this game.


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          Dok played 20 minutes