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    Was basically 10-10. Made 2 others with his toenail on the line. In the zone tonight for sure!

    On another note, is there no more post game on cable channel 22 this year?


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      Any time someone says that Vick is a PoS (and it will happen), I'm going to bump this thread and give that person a middle finger

      Yes this game means nothing, and yes Vick sometimes disappears (more than I like), but I still love the kid and I'm glad he came back


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        Anyone who doesn’t think he’s a valuable member of this team is fooling themself. He’s definitely the best pure shooter they have. He’s not an All American. He’s going to make mistakes and have games where he’s not a factor, but he’s important to a possible championship run. I don’t get the dislike for him.


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          Dude was killing it last night! Fran couldn't get enough of it and late in the game was hoping he would get pulled from the game to preserve the record.
          Still, I'm glad he's back on the squad. He does provide some kind of senior leadership and knows the system.

          I'll join Joe in giving the middle finger to anyone that disparages Vick this year.