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    ono has run this on the football board, and it's quite a bit easier with the games happening all on the same day and lines coming out a decent time before the game, but does anyone have any interest in running a gambling game throughout the season?

    I'm sure we could build a spreadsheet to make tracking a bit easier. The person running the game could pick the games/lines we can bet on

    Additionally, if no one wants to run that, I'd be interested in having a thread where people put lines they like and just having a gambling discussion

    I have a bovada account that I play around with, but I like reading people's thoughts on games outside the b12 because I don't pay nearly enough attention to do well

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    I don't have the time to run it, but I may be interested in participating. I don't gamble much, but a couple years back I picked every Big 12 conference game ATS and tracked it in a Google sheet (just to see how I did, no actual money at stake). I came out about 5 games over .500.


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      I personally probably wouldn't play a gambling game. It's either taking coin flips or doing a ton of work for a tiny edge.

      But would be fun to have a thread and happy to chime in on stuff. I made almost as much money gambling in my 20s as I did working, and I know quite a few other pros (none of them are pros in straight sports betting though, too much work to beat it, and not much upside when you do).

      One of these days we should talk about teaming up on that Bovada account, haha. They have some lines that can be crushed, but they've cut my limits down to about $25.


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        Yeah, I figured the game might be a lot of work for a little maybe we just talk about lines we like in here....gambling will always just be a hobby for me, I'm too stingy to do anything of any real consequence


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          Coinflips can be fun, I just personally am the type to either not play or spend way too much time on it.

          If you're looking for lines that are beatable, Bovada's player props are often pretty soft.