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Guess the Score - Rules and Info Thread

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  • Guess the Score - Rules and Info Thread

    Hi, I'm going to run a Guess the Score contest this season. Express your interest here. More details to follow.

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    I will play to lose

    Edit: people might be more interested if you explained the Game
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      We need this. I’m in.


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          Is it 4.3?


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            1 - nil.


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              I would b interestied assuming the tie breaker doesn't involve an advanced math degree;-). Look forward for the upcoming deets. Also i am so bad at this im sure i will never have to worry about tie breaker


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                I down for whatever this is.


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                  since Gooner has disappeared, I can sort of explain cause we played it years ago, I don't know how exactly he scores it

                  basically, you submit your score predictions before the game and you try to get the closest margin of victory, but also the closest score

                  so, say I predicted

                  95-90 in favor of KU, and they won 90-85, I got the margin of victory right, but the scores wrong, so I'd get a low score, but I'd still have some points

                  you want the lowest score possible

                  if you get the score exactly right, that's worth -500 (which I think is a bit steep, but I don't recall how quickly points add up)

                  gooner can explain the exact scoring methodology, but that's a very quick take on the game


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                    Does this start Tues w exhibition or regular season only? TIA


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                      So here's the rules/setup:

                      Each game, I will open up a thread for anyone who wants to play to guess the score of the game.

                      For an example to help explain the rules, we will use the KU/Memphis game.

                      Let's say I guess that KU will win 84-71. I would write my guess in the thread like this:

                      KU - 84
                      Memphis - 71
                      Now, obviously that game's score was KU 75, Memphis 68. The scoring is as follows:

                      Difference between KU predicted/actual score + Difference between Opponent predicted/actual score + 2 x Difference in predicted/actual margin of victory.
                      So, for my guess of 84-71, this is how my game score would be calculated:

                      (84-75) + (71-68) + 2 x (13-7) = 9 + 3 + 12 = 24
                      The goal is to get the lowest possible score for each game. Two special scoring rules of note:

                      If you guess the incorrect winner of a game, you get an automatic 100 points.
                      If you guess the exact correct score of both KU and the opponent, you get -500 points.
                      My plan is to get my spreadsheet up and running in time for the second exhibition game so we can have a dry run and get everything organized for the regular season. I am hoping to put up the threads for each game in a given week on Wednesdays or Thursdays before an upcoming week to give everyone time to see the threads and get their guesses in. If there are weird game schedules some weeks, I will put up threads at different times to accommodate, but I want to try to have a good schedule set to maximize participation. If you have any questions, PM me or ask them here.

                      ETA: If you miss a game or if you join late, it is 100 points per missed game. But don't let that deter you from playing, there are times where people pick the correct winner and have a score greater than 100 points because of the margin of victory, so it's pretty easy to get back in the running.
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                        What are the prizes?


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                          Originally posted by WolfShirtSophomore View Post
                          What are the prizes?
                          Eternal glory


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                            Originally posted by Gooner View Post

                            Eternal glory
                            Don't be shy, you're a mod, you can tell them that you can give the winner lifetime premium