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    Stow was in a parking lot heading to a taxi stand after the Dodgers' 2-1 victory over the Giants on March 31 when two shaven-headed young men in Dodgers clothing began taunting and swearing at him and two other fans, who were all wearing Giants gear, police said.

    Stow was punched in the back of the head. He fell down, bashing his head on the pavement, and was kicked before the attackers ran off.
    They fled in a four-door sedan driven by a woman who had a boy with her, police said.

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    so, so very fucked up.


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      LA sports fans being complete fuckheads. Who'd have thought?


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        Originally posted by Jayhawker View Post
        LA sports fans being complete fuckheads. Who'd have thought?
        LA sports fan here, explain to me how this is some sort of pattern.


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          Here's some heart warming stories from the old days of 2009:
          In April 2009, a man stabbed his friend in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the team's home opener. Arthur Alvarez said he acted in self-defense and was acquitted by a jury.

          Two months later at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, an off-duty police officer shot and wounded two men who assaulted him in the parking lot after a game.

          UCLA and USC fans are just misunderstood
          Matthew Dirling, brother to Joshua Dirling, who was wounded in the fight, said a doctor at Huntington Memorial Hospital told him the tip of a knife was embedded in his brother's cheekbone and that it would be left there until doctors saw how the wound healed.

          More fun with knives! This time at a Clippers game.
          About 1½ hours before their 100-92 victory over Cleveland on Saturday, Staples Center was in lockdown while police subdued a man wielding a steak knife in front of the Cavaliers' bench.

          Read more:

          LAKERS WIN!!!

          At 7th and Flower streets, a crowd of more than 500 people surrounded a Metro bus and numerous people attempted to pull the bus driver out through the driver's side window, Parker said. Deputies deployed tear gas and sting balls, causing the crowd to disperse. They rescued the bus driver and the occupants of the bus.

          A taxi driver was attacked, and his taxi was set on fire, Parker said. While rescuing him, rocks and bottles were thrown at deputies, who used sting balls and stun bags to break up the crowd, he said. They rescued the driver and, with the help of LAPD officers, took him out of the area.

          Philly fans react:


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            Jayhawker ends the thread.


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              I was being sarcastic. Yeah, I know LA fans can be idiots.


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                Originally posted by IceHawkE View Post
                I was being sarcastic. Yeah, I know LA fans can be idiots.
                I know. I just wanted an excuse to post all that.


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                  He's Stable now

                  David Stow said that his son's "temperature is down from what it was two days ago. It's a good sign."

                  Police have asked the public for help in identifying the assailants. The city of Los Angeles, the Dodgers, the Giants and other entities have pledged rewards totaling $100,000 for information leading to their capture.

                  "I'm sure they'll be apprehended and what happens to them is up to the courts, how the officers handle it, and the [district attorney]," David Stow said. "I'm sure they'll go to jail, they'll pay the price. But that's pretty much secondary to us."


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                    I have serious doubts these thugs will ever be found. Good to hear though that the Giant's fan seems to be getting better.


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                      To be fair, David Stow is a complete douchebag fuckwad asshole.


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                        San Francisco radio has been reporting for a couple of days that Stow has permanent brain damage; they just don't know to what extent yet. I did a quick read of that article and didn't see that mentioned. Maybe by getting better, they mean that his chances of not dying are improving.


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                          with a $100K reward, somebody's gonna come forward with info on those assholes.


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                            the family is suing the Dodgers


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                              Originally posted by Joe Norris View Post
                              Stupid lawsuit, but I hope they get every dime they can.