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  • Upon Further Review: with Fiji


    By Josh Cunningham: Can one shot change an entire tenure? For Bill Self it has. Let me preface this with the fact that I am a Missouri Tiger fan, so if you are looking for a pro-KU perspective designed to make you feel better about the recent loss to VirginiaCommonwealth you are probably going to be disappointed. That doesn’t make what I am going to write any less true or biased against him, nor does it mean that I am not acutely aware of the fact that Missouri’s own underperformance during the same time period has led in part to the seeding that Kansas has enjoyed under Self. Bill Self’s tenure at Kansas, and the perception of that tenure, has been largely shaped by a single shot on a single possession.

    Martin Manley interjection: I want to add simply that, although this is a reader contribution exclusively about a team from a fan of an opposing school, it doesn’t change the message. ANY reader contribution that is 1) timely, 2) well-written, 3) well-documented and 4) objective is welcome on UFR… and I couldn’t care less what a person’s predisposition is.
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    I posted Fiji's facebook for shits and giggles on the phog.

    45 minutes later and its still up


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      haha I didn't realize you were HubrisHawk

      makes sense though


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        Yea, I'm kindofa big deal.


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          Fiji's back.


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            I still can't believe they let Fiji write for them. Goodbye sports media, its been good knowing you...


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              Fiji has a money split level in Olathe. Plus State Street must be a very open employer considering the amount of time he spends on tigerboard during the day.