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    Just to get it out of the way: FIRE TURNER GILL!!!! :sadbanana: :sadbanana: :sadbanana:

    That said, Wave, what have your sources been telling you? Any news on Brock?

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    My only "sources" on this would be from They (kirby) are being very hush hush about it but the kid was off campus went back home due to "family issues." When this kid signed there were a bunch of people who knew his family in Denver and almost to a person they stated "buyer beware." I hope the kid gets back to KU because by all accounts he would be our best arm in camp.

    I'll state again, I don't have any inside source on this, I am just passing on info from the slant, but that won't stop Ace and Gary from pretending this is all my info.


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      Update: He is NOT on campus. He is, however, taking online courses.

      He still has his room. Probably will be back for summer workouts in June.

      During the spring he will be around at some practices and go through meetings. He won't be able to stay in Lawrence consistently and we will back home at times.


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        Man, not a good way for a freshman to start his career

        I hope he gets this sorted out and finds a way to gain teammates' respect


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          Having to talk about our football program makes me feel even worse about Sunday's loss.


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            Could you guys please beat K-State this year? Would really help to get Bill Snyder fired and stuff.


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              I'm fairly confident we won't win a conference game this year, sorry 33


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                If we win more than 2 games this year will be a huge surprise.


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                  K-State will be horrible too. Just do it. jfc.