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  • FF Prediction thread

    VCU will go cold

    Butler will become the BTOAT

    you know

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    I predict that the only sporting event I'll be watching next week deals with major league baseball.

    I know it's immature, but when the season ends, I can't make myself watch anyone else's games.


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      I'll probably be watching college basketball

      2008 FF----> KU WINS

      2008 NC---> KU WINS


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        I predict Butler over VCU and UK over UConn with UK taking it all.

        Believe me, it pains me to admit that and I hope I am wrong. Odds are good that I am. One look at my bracket tells you I have no idea what I am talking about.


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          It's amazing Butler proved to not be a fluke last year.

          UK is looking good right now but VCU or Butler could also win it all. Then again Uconn has gone nuts and could win it too.

          Hell I just like good bball


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            Here is the way I look at it -

            I don't give a shit. I don't even care if I miss it.

            Kentucky wins it and it gets vacated in a few years anyway.
            UCONN wins it and at the rate they're going it gets vacated in a few years anyway.
            Butler wins it and it gives life to mid-major argument everywhere. And I fucking hate Matt Howard.
            VCU wins it and we very well might have a 96 team tourney next year. Fuck them. This is literally the worst thing that could have possibly happened with the first four this year.

            All in all, I hope UCONN wins it. I like Kemba. Its not Cal or a mid-major or fucking VCU douches. And I want to see Calhoun win it and Geno not win it and Calhoun to tell him to suck it, you don't sell out because wimmenz bball sucks ass.

            I wish the Masters was this weekend.


            • #7
              Butler demolishes VCU. UK takes UConn in OT.

              Then...Butler handles UK for one of the most memorable non-KU Championship games in NCAA history.


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                I still can't believe a 20-11 4th place Colonial League team could very well win the National Title. So. Fucking. Ridiculous.


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                  I will probably watch most of all three games simply because of the high drama associated with these games. I have no reason to hate VCU since they rose to the occassion we didn't. I would love to see either Butler or VCU take down either UK or UConn - that would be hilarious.


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                    All I know is, all you "Mid Major haters" / "Only best in conference should make it fans" out there, have fun rooting for Kentucky to win it all.