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Pre-game scuffle

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  • Pre-game scuffle

    A different angle than what was showed on TV. KU waited for them to finish their ridiculous prolonged dancing then tried to go around them and they shoved us first.

    Jason King, has a different view of our "bad boy" image. He thinks it's what makes us better than anyone else. I think he's right.

    Some golden fucking quotes in there by our players. Elijah's and Markieff's are great.
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    Love this

    Pitino - whose Louisville squad lost in the first round of the tournament to Morehead State - also insinuated that the Morris twins lacked “killer instinct.”

    “We have killer instinct,” Markieff Morris said after the game. “We definitely want to try to beat everybody like we did today. We got them down early and we kept them down. I don’t care about getting 30 points and 20 rebounds. I’m going to play with my team, and we’re definitely going to try to play hard and win every game.”

    Then came this dagger.

    “Not to be disrespectful to Coach Pitino or anything, but we’re still playing,” Morris said.


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      They do know they were there to play basketball and not stop the yard?


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        This shit is getting old.

        Richmond gathers in the tunnel, starts some pregame fuck-dance, Kansas can't through the tunnel, and Kansas is bullying Richmond and disrespecting them by not waiting until they got done. Turn things around. Let's say that Kansas gathered in the tunnel, started jumping up and down like a bunch of six year olds that just drank a case of redbull, and wouldn't let Richmond get through. What would you have? You'd have Kansas disrespecting Richmond and acting like bullies in not letting them get to the court.

        I'm tired of this batshit. Fuck the media.


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          As if Louisville's poor preparation and resulting opening round loss wasn't enough of a clown suit, Pitino's pissy petulant prediction that Richmond would pull the upset serves as his little clown car.


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            Barkley is owning the ESPN talking heads this tourny


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              I'd like to thank the upstanding players of Richmond for giving our Kansas players added incentive to kick their asses.

              Well played, Spiders.


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                Do you have another link? That one has been pulled.


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                    what a bunch of fucking losers. literally.