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I'm sick of Jimmer and Gus's slobber all over his dong.

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  • I'm sick of Jimmer and Gus's slobber all over his dong.

    Maybe it is because he has a stupid name. He'll be gone soon enough. Pullen owned this guy's ass last year.

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    No, the Jimmer love needed to end

    BYU should enjoy their fall back into obscurity


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      Well, Missouri should be happy. They both have each other to compete with to see who can get to a final four again next year.

      29 shots for 32 points.

      Jimmer Fredette, G 44 11-29 3-15 7-7 0 2 5 1 0 6 3 32
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        Now all the profusion of slobber goes to Kemba, another asshole with a stupid fucking name.


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          Kemba is a bigger asshole. At least Jimmer seemed like a nice kid... even if he did whine to the refs a lot. Kemba is just a bitch, as evidenced by his flop after being "leveled by a shoulder". The bump was made, he looked at the guy, and then threw himself on the floor. What a punk ass bitch.


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            Damn guys, enjoy the tourney a little. Unless he's smoked my team in the past or something, I love watching a guy like Jimmer or Kemba will their teams to victory in March. I was actually a little torn watching the Florida/BYU game. I wanted the SEC team to advance, but I wanted Jimmer to advance too so I could keep watching him.


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              liked watching Jimmer play. Kid was ridiculous. Last night he shot his team out of it though. And Gus is not there for the insight, people.