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Jay Bilas on Texas' and Pitt's Late Game Play

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  • Jay Bilas on Texas' and Pitt's Late Game Play



    Bottom line: These players are freshmen and sophomores, and mental mistakes were made. No matter how much these situations are drilled and practiced, there is no accounting for what players will do under stress in an NCAA tournament game. This was a game in which Texas made some questionable decisions late that contributed to the loss, but also a game in which Arizona made winning plays.


    Bottom line: The last two seconds of this game provided two of the dumbest fouls you will ever see by two smart and accomplished players. It was like a bizarre poker game where Pittsburgh said, "I see your dumb foul -- and I raise you." Mack gave the Panthers a gift, but they re-gifted it right back to Butler. In a strange way, the right team won, but in an excruciating and head-scratching fashion.

    There is no good explanation for the fouls, except to acknowledge that bad and dumb things can happen under the strain of competition. Both Mack and Robinson were trying to make positive plays, trying to make winning plays. But neither play was disciplined.

    Pete Carril defined discipline as "behaving wisely." In the last few seconds, neither team behaved wisely from a basketball perspective. For two very smart and disciplined teams, that was a brutal ending to a very well played game.

    He goes on to discuss a couple other games as well...I enjoy Jay's blog