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    What do you know about them?

    I only know a little about Justin Harper their PF. His game is similar to the twins, so luckily we have guys that can guard him.

    Other than that all I've heard is they run a princeton style offense and a zone defense. Anyone know how effective they are at either?

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    I have not seen them, but I've heard match-up zone is their defense specialty and one which gives lots of good teams headaches. They're great ballhandlers, so it may be tough to get a transition game going. They will certainly try to make KU play halfcourt, slow-down ball. Not that many teams have successfully employed that strategy this season against KU.

    Weaknesses include offensive rebounding.

    Glckner of has an article about the Southwest bracket today that's worth reading. He says "lead guard" Kevin Anderson will need to have a huge game to beat KU.


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