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    Anybody watching?

    Pretty good

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    So far it's pretty boring. Not nearly as good as the 30 on 30 series that have been running.


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      It was amazing. Easily the best 30 for 30 so far. If you didn't like it you're probably a racist who gets turned on by a bounce pass.


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        I liked the SMU one better.


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          I thought it was pretty damn good.


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            I hated those assholes when they were the darlings of then-young ESPN. I've since warmed to Jalen Rose, who's fairly affable. But Juwan Howard was a worthless asshole, Chris Webber was a fool with talent and no brains, and the other two have fulfilled their obligations to become a trivia question answer.

            Fuck Michigan and fuck you if you like the Fab Five.


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              they fuck yo gurl?


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                Juwan HOward and one of those Texas guys said they'd call, and didn't. Bastards.


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                  It was basically a love letter to the Fab Five. I think there was a great story to be told there, but they wiffed.

                  I think they spent more time on Mitch Album talking about how the players were ticked off that everybody but them was raking in the cash (and they should have been ticked) than the fact that around $800k was given to various players. That's what disapointed me the most.

                  The editing was terrible. As an example:

                  Cut One: They talk about Ed Martin, and the money that he gave the program
                  Cut Two: Mitch Album, talking about how Webber would see his jersey selling for $75 and get ticked he wasn't getting a dime off of it
                  Cut Three: Juwan Howard (or was it Rose) talking about how yeah, Martin would give them some walking around money for pizza and things.

                  That's one hell of an expensive pizza. I think they spent more time showing footage of the teams trip to Europe than they spent dealing with that topic.

                  Btw, I don't think that was a 30 for 30 piece. I think it was independent of that.


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                    I enjoyed it. I was just starting high school ball when the Fab Five came out. They did have an influence on our culture. I am grateful that we got to wear longer shorts, and we even busted out the black socks (only for the tournament). However, these guys seem to think that they invented every fashion thing out there.

                    I wasn't a fan of the Fab Five and how they acted, but some of their stuff no doubt rubbed off into our culture whether you liked them or not.

                    I liked Jimmy King in this piece. I didn't realize he almost came to KU. It said he was leaning toward us, but Juwan Howard convinced him to go to UM.

                    They probably could have done a little more digging into their scandal, but I thought they talked about it pretty well. It's not like UM was SMU and the school was blatantly breaking the rules to win at all costs. This guy doesn't even seem like he is a booster for UM, but more like a World Wide Wes. And he was just in it for when they went pro.


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                      Actually, the stuff going on at SMU was nothing compared to the crap going on at Michigan. At SMU it was $500 handshakes all around. At Michigan the money given was sometimes over $100k (Estimates are that Webber received around $280k from 8th grade to when he left school). For Webber to be complaining about not making money off the sale of his uniform when he was taking BIG money under the table rubbed me the wrong way.


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                        I find it mildly amusing that on Sunday we had the broadcast of Fab Five on the same day as the selection show that set up a possible Duke/Michigan second round game. If Michigan beats Tennessee, how many times do we hear about the 92 title game/see reruns of Fab Five?


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                          Originally posted by Joe Norris View Post
                          Anybody watching?

                          Pretty good
                          30 on 30? Damn, that's some liberal programming.


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                            it wasn't the 30 series

                            produced by Jalen