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Worst job by the selection committee EVER

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  • Worst job by the selection committee EVER

    EVER. Florida a 2?!? UAB and VCU? Villanova a 9?!?

    Fucking idiots.

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    Colorado totally boned.


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      I want to hear committee chair's explanation.

      They are getting KILLED


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        Jay Bilas absolutely bringing it. Its great.

        Seeding is one thing. And yes, Villanova has been predicted as a 9 for a few days now, no big surprise there. Florida as a 2 kind of mystifies me...especially after today.

        But I don't feel sorry for any bubble team at all. All you had to do was win some more games. Schedule some tougher teams. Colorado played the 325th hardest non-con schedule. That alone should keep them out. They lost to Iowa St and San Francisco. Win those 2 and you're in. Stop crying and win some games.


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          Florida as a 2 is because Gators won SEC by 3 games.

          Colorado being snuffed is due, acc. to Lunardi, because of non-con schedule of patsies.


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            rewarding teams who schedule a couple tough teams in the non-con and get blown out over teams that don't schedule anyone is ridiculous. It shouldn't even be a factor unless you win some tough non-con games. Lunardi is a jackass.


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              No argument there, re: your overall point. Lunardi had CU in. He's just guessing, correctly imo, why the committee left CU out.

              Michigan State? VCU for fuck's sake? GEORGIA, who lost twice to Bama, who got left out? Insipidity run amok.


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                Does anybody remember how nebraska got screwed in their bowl game and the selection order for the conference? We loved it, because we hate nebraska. But no doubt our commissioner used the opportunity to dig/screw and outgoing member. Well, guess who was on the selection committee and probably was the one who could have pitched hardest for Colorado....boom....You guessed it...Dan Beebe. This was another opportunity to screw and outgoing member of the conference.

                As much as we hate Mizzou....if it came down to Beebe pitching Mizzou or CU which do you think he is going to sell hardest for?


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                  Personally I have no hard feelings towards CU, and like the coach. I hope they do well in the Pac12, and honestly thought they could have made some tough games in the tourny that would have been fun to watch. But alas, they aren't in. Oh well.