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So tired of crappy guard play...

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  • So tired of crappy guard play...

    Tyshawn and Selby just cannot control the ball. It's only half and how many turn overs do they have combined? At least Selby is a freshman who's sat half the season. What's Tyshawn's excuse?

    Take some pride, stop blaming everyone else, and do your job.

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    Second half wasn't much better. We played well inside, but our guards were a non factor.


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      Morningstar and Reed did pretty good on the defensive end. I give Johnson a solid grade for the game. But you're right about Taylor and Selby being non-factors. Wish it were otherwise, but this situation is not going to change. We dance with the ones we got.


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        I'd like to have seen Releford get some of Selby's minutes, frankly. For this season and for next.


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          Taylor had 1 turnover and Johnson had 0.
          Reed and Sleeves had some mind-numbing stupid passes.


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            Of course Geezer comes in and plays down how HORRID Taylor played today.


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              Taylor played bad b/c he is not very good. period. However I do believe he can be a serviceable guard in our present rotation. As far as the TO's the Morrii had 10, it was a total team effort, not just the guards fault.


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                Selby has shown very little skill. To think we were all worried about him qualifying.

                He's only going to see his minutes slashed for the rest of the season. You can't trust him to do anything with the ball. He simply can't be in the game if it is tight (within 9 pts) with less than 10 mins left. To think his peak was game 1 and its all been down hill from there.


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                  Turnovers are a byproduct of a fast & physical game. I got no long as we win. Sure, passing could be better, but it's still pretty strong for D-1.

                  I thought Taylor and Selby did OK. And we did notch a road win in the most hostile of environments. So, I'll save the kvetching for another time. The starting pg job is firmly in Johnson's hands, however.


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                    Originally posted by ICThawk View Post
                    Of course Geezer comes in and plays down how HORRID Taylor played today.
                    Of course you wouldn't even mention the fact that Brady & Tyrel combined for 7 turnovers and only 3 assists compared to Tyshawn & EJ's 1 turnover and 5 assists.

                    Not to mention, at least Tyshawn made free throws....something Brady didn't do.

                    And mark me down as someone who doesn't even want Selby to take off his warm ups the rest of the season. He can't even fucking dribble.