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Coach Playing Tackle basketball

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  • Coach Playing Tackle basketball

    I don't really have a problem with this....high school kids should be able to take it

    but coach is DUMB for doing it...even if it was an accident

    pu$$ification of America

    I'm guessing the parents on the board will not agree with me

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    That was a college team/coach. And yes, he may have been a little aggressive, but that kid is being a puss. I think a lawyer got to him and now he wants money out of it.

    But if a coach would have done that to me, I would have been pretty pissed about it (might have decked him). At the same time, I think I would have tried to work it out with him after practice or in his office and then moved on.
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      Yeh... I'm a parent. If my son got knocked down in that manner I wouldn't have cared. He didn't take a swing at him, he grabbed the ball and the shouldered up. The "I didn't see it coming" is BS. If I was the kid, I'd have taken my shot, been embarrassed and thus pissed, but I'd have busted my ass the next time.


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        The problem here is that the coach, while apologizing, keeps saying it was an accident. That was no accident - it was intentional. Now I am sure that the coach regrets what he did but just man up and admit to the mistake. There also seems to be some disagreement on whether the whole team supports the coach.

        On the flip side, filing a police report over this is stupid. I can understand that he doesn't want to play there anymore because he doesn't respect the coach, but I have to think that another college is going to be pretty reluctant to bring on board a player who files police reports over something like this.


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          I'd sue for bodily injury and pain/suffering until I could milk it no more.

          This is America, goddamnit. We sue to win money. If you don't, you're a fucking sucker.


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            My sixth grade football coaches were tougher than that. Srsly. And not only did we not think anything of it (we thought it was a cool badge of honor), but our parents supported them. Even when Richard Cole broke his arm when a coach hit him showing him a drill.