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    As Wildcats fans across Manhattan prepare for another Sunflower Showdown, Jayhawk fans across the nation settle in for a typical Monday night of nationally televised basketball. Despite all the rivalry hype, Kansas holds a commanding 181-90 lead in the series, which began in 1907. Although, some K-State fans might insist a 104-year old record is an unfair way of comparing the two programs, old school history has been somewhat kind to the Wildcat program. Since the inception of the Big 12 Conference in 1996, Kansas has accounted for 34 of the Wildcats 151 overall losses, a staggering 23%. While the Wildcats have managed to tally 2 victories over the Jayhawks in the past 15 years, the Jayhawks have amassed a 223-44 record. While the Jayhawks have dominated the entire Big 12 Conference, winning 10 of the 14 conference championships, K-State has struggled to find success, only managing winning records against Colorado, Iowa State, Nebraska and Texas A&M.

    With the Wildcat basketball program unable to support the rivalry with their on-court performance, the EMAW fan base has taken matters into their own hands. Like a younger sibling, incapable of living up to the performance and accolades of a high achieving elder sibling, Wildcat fans have resorted to childish off-the-court antics to ensure they aren’t forgotten. From mass distribution of Kansas freshman Josh Selby’s phone number to hacking a KU fan site, K-State supporters have given their best effort to prolong the in-state rivalry. Which poses the question, is it really a rivalry when one team routinely kicks the ass of the other?

    Rivalry, a noun, is defined by Merriam Webster as “a state or situation in which people or groups are competing with each other.” By definition, the Kansas/Kansas State rivalry ceased to exist decades ago. A rivalry needs intensity. A rivalry needs passion. A rivalry needs suspense. But most of all a rivalry needs two evenly matched opponents with a common goal. Until the Wildcats step up and provide the Jayhawks with some actual competition, a rivalry cannot exist. Until the Wildcats are able to perform on the basketball court and end the Jayhawks 7 game and counting winning streak, a rivalry cannot exist.

    Although picked to win the Big 12 conference at the beginning of the year, the Wildcats enter tonight’s Big Monday matchup frantic to salvage a rapidly deteriorating season. Desperately clinging to a Cinderellaesque invite to the Big Dance, the Wildcats need Kansas. They need a victory over the top-ranked team in the country. They need a victory over their “bitter rivals” to justify their season having at least an iota of worth. Kansas State needs the Jayhawks; but does Kansas need the Wildcats?

    Of course. Our walk-ons love playing in Allen Fieldhouse West.

    Article written by QT4KU
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    Why didn't QT post it?


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      [quote author=filmfanatic24 link=topic=3676.msg42199#msg42199 date=1297715166]
      Why didn't QT post it?

      Doesn't have access to "create" threads in this board. And I am too lazy to move it from another board and then article-ize it.


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          "Rivalry, a noun, is defined by Merriam Webster as"

          Really? I expect better out of you QT