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Texas Reaches New TV Deal

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  • kcjhawks4
    Re: Texas Reaches New TV Deal

    Football is obviously the driving force in this, but I just don't see how you can support a 24-hour network with only UT sports programming. I would think that any cable or sattelite system that picks this up would only place it on the highest of tiers or require a sports package to view it.

    Also, when the Big XII finally does implode in a couple of years, how are conferences like the SEC, Big tenelve, Pac 11 1/2, etc going to accept Texas into their conference and allow this deal to siphon money and viewers.

    Seems foolish, but does give me more reason to hate texsux and the Eastcoast Sports Programing Network. I just hope that the next conference we move to is smart enough and strong enough to not get pushed around by one member.

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  • Hawker007
    started a topic Texas Reaches New TV Deal

    Texas Reaches New TV Deal

    20 Year - $300 million deal

    I'm trying to process the ramifications of this. It really seems like the beginning of all schools trying to do this. Kind of like the first time a school signed a deal with a shoe company. Why not down the line, there be a KU channel option? Obviously wouldn't be as big as UT's deal, but maybe something like $4million per year.

    Also, I think it is really stupid to sign a tv deal for that long of a period. 16 years from now, $15million per year could be chump change.