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Bubba Wishing He Was A Jayhawk?

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  • Bubba Wishing He Was A Jayhawk?

    Sounds like the Tulsa hiring process was limited by the president's desire to have a cheap hire. They couldn't hire any of their top choices because they only wanted to offer $500,000 (only $50K more than Zenger is getting paid). They ended up with one of their position coaches. Hope he knows what he is doing.

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    Re: Bubba Wishing He Was A Jayhawk?

    from the outside, it's an interesting hire. However, reality is Blankenship is a Tulsa guy who coached at Union (and was awesome there) for a long time and decided to make the move to a college staff a few years ago. I think they're tired of the revolving door there and are looking for some stability. I suspect the money, or lack thereof, was really limited to gauge people's legit interest in sticking around to earn the position.