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    Some interesting ones from players (not putting any stock in the comparisons, but props are nice):

    Redshirt senior forward Antonio Ballard
    On the comparison of the top three ranked teams in the nation (Duke, Ohio State and Kansas):

    “I didn’t play at Duke. I was out for that game, but I did play against Ohio State. I think that KU is better than them, to me personally. Just from watching Duke and playing against Duke, in my opinion I feel that KU is on top right now.”

    Sophomore guard Orlando Williams
    On the comparison of the top ranked teams of Duke and Kansas:

    “I think that individually KU has them beat, but coaching-wise Mike Krzyzewski’s got years under his belt and is a good leader. I think that’s when Duke has an advantage. I’m not saying that KU’s coach is a bad coach, because he is a really good coach. But individually-wise I think KU has them (Duke) beat.”

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    Re: Post Game Quotes

    I think it's going to be harder for a lot of post players to guard ours. Marcus and Kieff just have so much range and better handles than most post players. However, players who are athletic and powerful may be able to counter it with their own style. I'm really hoping TRob develops some more, because he's got the power to bang around and he never gives up.


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      Re: Post Game Quotes

      The other guy that looked markedly better was Jeff Withey. He has worlds to go, but by March I could see him being a serviceable guy to come in and foul and play d in the right occasion. (see Cole Aldrich's freshman year - People always remember the North Carolina final 4 game as they should, but he played sparingly that season, and only when we needed a guy to come in and foul play tough post defense)