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    Top 5 is down to Washington, Kansas, Illinois, Georgetown, and Michigan State.

    Per Paul Biancardi

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    Re: Jabari Parker

    Were Mario Little and Lacey Breech dating?
    Were Lacey Breech and Alex DeLeon dating?
    Why was Lacey Breech dismissed from her manager's job with KU basketball?
    Who posted bail for Mario Little?
    What happened in Las Vegas between Lacey Breech and Mario Little?
    Can the police really charge criminal trespass if Mario Little and Lacey Breech were living together?
    If Baylor's Scott Drew suspended Lacedarius Dunn for 10 games, would that be about right for Mario Little?
    Does the University have a domestic violence clause in their athletic scholarships?
    Was Mario Little ready for the NBA?
    Did Mario Little have a weapon? Was he intoxicated?
    Does Turner Gill's 10pm curfew now sound like a good idea?
    Will Bernadette Gray Little (no relation) get involved in this decision or will she leave it to Bill Self? If she does not get involved, what message does that send to other women on campus from our female Chancellor? If any...
    Will Mario Little be cheered or booed if he returns to the KU court? (Hoops, not County)
    Why did both Alex DeLeon and Lacey Breech refuse medical treatment at the site of the crime?
    Why were Lacey Breech's Twitter and Facebook accounts de-activated today?
    Does Lacey Breech still have a future in sports broadcasting?
    How did Mario Little not understand the danger involved in what he was doing seeing that he is a Senior who has supposedly sat through countless lectures on this same topic?
    If Mario Little loses his scholarship, will Alex DeLeon also lose his?
    If this incident had happened at Kentucky, what would we be saying about John Calipari?
    Will the Lawrence Journal World help us answer these questions?


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      Re: Jabari Parker

      Great, we got tophawk :facepalm