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Vick and Choice

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  • Vick and Choice

    I don't know the whole situation, just seen clips around the webz

    but from what I gather, Tashard Choice got Vicks autograph after the game?

    and then the media blew it up?

    and then Choice said it was for his nephew or something?

    why is this news?

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    Re: Vick and Choice

    Screw Vick!

    Sorry, carry on.


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      Re: Vick and Choice

      Because it got caught on camera after the game. Choice gets autographs all the time for his charity. The only thing different about this one is that it's for his nephew who likes Vick.

      The media seems to forget that a lot of athletes out there are friends, and many of them play for different teams. This reminds me of the whole Derek Anderson thing.


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        Re: Vick and Choice

        Why is this news?

        Because they hope shit blows up and they get a huge story out of it. Why was Dez Bryant/Roy Williams pad shit a story in the fall? Why was Derek Anderson barely cracking a smile on the sideline while losing a story? Same stuff. The media just wants to cause controversy.