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    Day 1:

    6'3 Josh Selby has a real swagger about him and some scouts like him while others still feel he's got a lot to prove. He had 8 points in the first 20 minute contest. He did show some impressive things hitting some open shots and his quickness allows him to make plays off the dribble. Unfortunately he's still extremely turnover prone and needs to tone his game down a ton.

    Day 2

    Josh Selby was looking to score a lot and made some buckets but those once again came with some negatives as he turned the ball over and forced a number of ill-advised shots. He does look very strong bulldozing his way through a foul and nearly converting an and1.

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    Re: Adidas Nations

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but Marcus Morris, damn...not many things that guy can't do. Gave me a great interview too. Look out...

    Tyshawn Taylor played poorly yesterday but has rebounded nicely tonight. Some athletic finishes in transition, few pull-ups, less turnovers.

    Markieff Morris is more athletic than his brother Marcus but isn't as good an all-around player. Has had some good moments here regardless.

    Marcus Morris is going to have a great season for Kansas. He's so polished and has improved his basketball IQ significantly. Does everything

    Based on what we've seen today, KU fans don't need to sweat too much about Aldrich leaving early. The Morris twins have been outstanding.