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  • Offensive Offense

    Quinn Mecham: 3-13, 15 yards...1 INT, sacked 6 times.

    KU: 53 plays, 87 yards of offense.

    Do you even have to look at the score to know any more?

    Kudos to the defense for showing up to play at least.

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    Re: Offensive Offense

    The worst part about this loss for me is that the thing that contributed most to the loss, was what everyone thought would be our biggest strength coming into the season. Out O-Line looked abysmal tonight. When do those new recruits get here again?


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      Re: Offensive Offense

      Went to the game tonight. Stayed for the whole thing. Watching the offense was rough. It was downright depressing. We couldn't pick up blitzes you knew were coming on 3rd down. Maybe I'm too much of a novice but it seems like on those 3rd downs when we'd pass, we were going to run something that would have taken way too long to develop and you can't do that against a defense like Nebraska had tonight. It was rough watching them go 2 for 13 on 3rd down.

      Defense hung in there. Got to give huge kudos to them. IIRC the only big run was Helu's 20-yd TD. A 26 yard completion with NU deep in their own territory with 3rd and 25 after a penalty was a real momentum killer.

      One really cool thing before kickoff was Osborne on the big screen welcoming Turner back to Nebraska. They showed some clips of Turner back in the day with Osborne talking about the success TG had at NU and how he was an early option QB that NU came to be known as. Pretty cool thing to do before the game.