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  • WaveTheWheat????

    Where is your Gill hate now?

    Since you're still crediting Lew will losses, does he get credit for this win too?

    Or are you somehow crediting Mangino with the win when he has had nothing to do with the losses?

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    Re: WaveTheWheat????

    I have been all over this site showing praise on the team and telling everybody how fun that 4th quarter was. We needed a win bad and we got it. It was awesome and fun.

    I am not here to rain on anybody's parade this week. We should celebrate this win. Also, I have NO interest in being the "EDF" of this forum. A character that can't celebrate in fun or success isn't what I want.

    All that said, it took Colorado going into full meltdown mode and KU to play very well in 4th quarter to come back and to beat a terrible CU team at home. We were 2 yards from losing as well. I am happy. I have said repeatedly I hope I am wrong about Gill. I hope we have ridiculous success and will be the first one celebrating if he gets it done.

    Keep celebrate was a fun game...and we (kansas fans) needed it bad.


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      Re: WaveTheWheat????

      Hey, we won, enjoy it. The team showed a side most thought they didn't have.

      But let's be real, we won't be doing that against the nubs.

      It still feels good though.

      And I still say we beat mizzoo


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        Re: WaveTheWheat????

        you can enjoy the highs without wanting to ditch the guy still responsible for the lows