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Since we don't have any tiggers here

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  • Since we don't have any tiggers here

    I'll bring it here for them

    Oregon loses at Oregon St.
    Auburn loses to Alabama
    Boise St. loses at Nevada
    TCU loses at Utah
    Utah loses at Notre Dame
    Ohio St. loses at Iowa
    Wisconsin loses at Michigan
    Nebraska loses at ISU
    OU loses at OSU
    MU wins out...

    MU v. Alabama in NC game

    Like I said, .01% chance

    The sad thing is, a lot of this could happen and NU would have a great chance to sneak in the NC game.

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    Re: Since we don't have any tiggers here

    [quote author=Joe Norris link=topic=1864.msg20659#msg20659 date=1288629898]

    MU v. Alabama in NC game

    Like I said, .01% chance

    The sad thing is, a lot of this could happen and NU would have a great chance to sneak in the NC game.



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      Re: Since we don't have any tiggers here

      Ok, so we have the following BCS rankings:

      Oregon (8-0) - Wash, at Cal, (13) Ariz, at OSU
      Auburn (9-0) - Chattanooga???, Georgia, bye, at (5) Alabama
      TCU (9-0) - at (8) Utah, San Diego State, bye, at NMU
      Boise State (7-0) - Hawaii, at Idaho, FSU, at (25) Nevada, Utah State
      Utah (8-0) - (4) TCU, at NDame, at SDSU, BYU
      Alabama (7-1) - at (12) LSU, (23) Miss State, Georgia State, (3) Auburn
      Nebraska (7-1) - at ISU, KU, at aTm, CU
      OU (7-1) - at aTm, TTU, at (22) Baylor, at (20) OSU
      Wisconsin (7-1) - at Purdue, Indiana, at Michigan, NWestern
      LSU (7-1) - (5) Alabama, La-Monroe, Miss, at (17) Arkansas
      Ohio State (8-1) - bye, PSU, at (15) Iowa, Michigan
      Missouri (7-1) - at TTU, KSU, at ISU, neutral KU
      Stanford (7-1) - (15) Arizona, at ASU, at Cal, OSU
      Michigan State (8-1) - Minnesota, Purdue, at PSU
      Arizona (7-1) - at (10) Stanford, (24) USC, at (1) Oregon, ASU

      Oregon doesn't have a cake walk into the title game-- Arizona and OSU (rivalry game) are two big speed bumps.

      Auburn has a relatively easy march to the title game (they do have Bama after a bye week). If they had to lose a game, they'd be wise to drop it to Georgia.

      We should see TCU or Utah fall out of the hunt this week. I think that TCU has the best shot of getting in the title game.

      Boise State will most likely win out, but they are losing ground in their computer score.

      Utah has some fire to walk through-- TCU, Notre Dame and BYU.

      If Alabama wins out on its remaining schedule-- it should be in the title game. Their strength of schedule would be too ridiculous and Auburn would be out of the picture if they lost the Iron Bowl.

      Nebraska just has to win more than Mizzou from here out to get into the Big 12 title game. If a one loss Big 12 team wins the title game, it'll probably be enough to bump out a non-AQ team out of the title game.

      OU's fate isn't clear. Three teams have a shot at the South title-- OU, OSU and Baylor (yes, Baylor is 4-1 in the Big 12 to OU & OSU's 3-1). These three teams haven't played each other yet. OU plays both of them on the road, which could leave them on the outside looking in.

      Wisconsin could be the dark horse to get into the title game. They should win out. Their lone loss was at Michigan State. That said; never bet on Wisconsin.

      LSU has to win out and hope for Auburn to drop its two SEC games to go to the SEC title. It probably isn't going to happen.

      OSU has a bit of a slate coming up-- PSU, at Iowa and then The Game at home. They have to win out and hope Wisconsin drops a game after they got piss-pounded by the Badgers earlier this year.

      Mizzou has to win out and hope for a Nebraska loss to get to the Big 12 title game. This very well could happen with their anemic schedule. Don't count them out of winning the title, either. Remember that they could be playing an OU team they already beat thoroughly, a pass-happy OSU or a Baylor ... yes-- Baylor.

      Stanford has a hard road ahead. They need to win out and hope that Oregon drops two conference games.

      Michigan State needs to win out and hope for Ohio State to drop a game. MSU would win the tie-breaker with Wisconsin, but not OSU. Ending the season at Happy Valley isn't going to be the easiest win.

      The good news? Arizona is ranked 13th in the nation and is 7-1. The bad news? They play three ranked teams and then a rivalry game. I don't see the wildcats getting out unscathed, but they are worth watching for spoilers' sake. Their lone loss is to Oregon State, so they would win the Pac 10 if they win out.

      Must watches next week: TCU vs. Utah, Alabama vs. LSU & Arizona vs. Stanford.