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    To whom it may concern at

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    While I will not sit here and pretend to have read a word on your KU-fan website, I still think that I can project toward the Jayhawk cosmos a missive of grand importance. A statement of such powerful and unrelenting unity that we as citizens of the great state of Kansas must heed its call. But is it not written that before we can heal, we first must bleed?

    Undoubtedly this Thursday evening there will be a winner and a loser in a game, a child's game we call football. This game may not be of "national" importance, with the Jayhawks wallowing in self-imposed mediocrity and the Wildcats coming off of an upset loss to a national powerhouse, this contest will still test the mettle of Kansan versus Kansan. Jake Sharp, the powerhouse, lightning quick running back with a heart two sizes too big versus the quarterback Carson Coffman, the savvy senior leader with a steel trap mind and courage enough for three men. Only this glorious Thursday will the cry of "TEAM, STATE, CONFERENCE, NATION!" stop at the first word.

    For the next few days, sharp words like unsheathed daggers will be flung to the winds. Accusations of "Lawrentucky, Hayseeds, and Silo U" will be flung at the KU fans while taunts of "Elitists, Eggheads, and Tyrants" will flung at K-Staters. The winners will be cheered and the losers will be mocked until our throats are sore, but I implore all of my brothers (and sisters) from both schools to ignore these invectives for what there are: temporary words of anger uttered during the heat of battle. Bear the brunt of these attacks and later embrace those who accosted you, for truly we as Kansas are the salt of the earth.

    Above all else, we must make sure that whoever is the loser of the game, the true winner is the great state of Kansas. If neither loving friend nor enemy can hurt you; if all men count with you, but none too much, if you can work hard to teach each unforgiving minute the spirit of being a Kansan, come hell, hate, or ban you'll enjoy Thursday's game; and which is more my son (or daughter) you'll be a man (or woman)!

    Sure, KU is KU and K-State is K-State and never the twain shall meet, but there is neither KU nor K-State, no tracks around football fields, clipart on buildings nor local airports with direct flights to Dallas (and Chicago in November), once the Spirit of Kansas unites all mankind free on Thursday night!

    Then and only then, no matter how lopsided the game, how much the losers are booed, you are the captain of thy ship, the master of thy soul! These are the days my friends, we know they'll never end! We'll work, sing, dance, love, wave the wheat, and wabash on! Wave the wheat and wabash on! We live Kansas law today! We win Free speech OK! With full-truth, our only God, we rally, raise, unite the whole state, lightning-like, in the great Spirit of Kansas.

    We're one! All-One!

    Sincerely yours,

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    Re: An Open Letter From

    If you want to live up to the legacy of "Snob Hill" Maybe we just ignore?


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      Re: An Open Letter From



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        Re: An Open Letter From

        I was hoping for something better from goEMAW. There really are too many clever posters over there for them to hang their hat on this.


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          Re: An Open Letter From

          since when is Jake Sharp still around?


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            Re: An Open Letter From

            What a lame letter. Weak.