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  • Rank the Big 12

    1)Nebraska-->courtesy of the turds OU and UT put up this week
    2)OU-->they didn't lose to UCLA
    3)UT-->Turd vs. UCLA, but I think that issue will be pretty well corrected
    4)OSU-->Undefeated...struggled with Troy, but their offense has looked pretty good throughout their first three wins
    5)Mizz-->Looked much better against Miami(OH) this weekend
    6)KSU-->Also undefeated, questionable schedule, but 4-0 is 4-0...and no, contrary to popular purple belief, they didn't beat UT this past weekend
    7)A&M-->this ranking could change dramatically after this weekend vs. OSU
    8)TTU-->Jury is still out, but I'm guessing they're better than the bottom four
    9-12) Toss up...this really is a jumble....although, to be fair, I'd put KU as more likely at 11 or 12 than 9 or 10

    Bottom line, KU hasn't shown us much yet, we would probably all agree with that, but they've shown signs of life at times...2-2 is where I expected (and hoped) to be after non-con play

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    Re: Rank the Big 12

    My prediction is that by week six, we'll know who is going to win this conference. As of now, Nebraska has the best shot.

    The top 3 teams in the Big 12 didn't look to hot this weekend. Nebraska wasn't firing on all cylinders, Oklahoma held on for a win and UT just got dominated at home. I think OU is the better team, but UT should come out to play in the Red River shoot out.


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      Re: Rank the Big 12

      1. Nub
      2. OU
      3. OSU
      4. Mizz
      5. UT
      6. KSU
      7. TTU
      8. aTm
      9. Baylor
      10. KU
      11. ISU
      12. CU

      10-12 are kind of a toss up.


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        Re: Rank the Big 12

        We are quite possibly the worst 4-0 team in America. I am completely okay with this :crazy


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          Re: Rank the Big 12

          The South looks wide open but I think OU finds a way to win it. NU looks like a lock in the North.


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            Re: Rank the Big 12

            Wow, you guys are a punch of softies! Isn't this a KU board? Where is the rampant homerism? Does the kool-aid here taste like ass, becasue no one seems to be drinking it.

            1.) KANSAS
            2.) EVERYONE ELSE