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  • Rate our game

    Honestly, I'll give it a 6

    We did what we were supposed to the game....I believe we covered (not sure where the line closed) and our offense looked decent while doing it

    But we can't forget how awful the kick coverage was and we also had a stale start....Thankfully, I'm pretty sure DJ got the team fired up and all-around everyone seemed to play a good game once they started to move the ball

    what do you think?

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    Re: Rate our game

    I'd go 7. I think we saw significant improvement with the offense. We have scrapped virtually everything Gill and Long tried week one. Dumped the huddle, dumped the straight ahead running game, and dumped the original starting QB. Now we are no huddle, spread it out and misdirect offense. Much better and fits our team better. Kudos to Gill and Long for not being too hard headed and stubborn to continue trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Its too bad they tried it week 1 because if we are sitting at 3-1 we ALL feel really good about where we are.

    Defense was ok. Our Dline continues to be a huge weakness. Our linebackers are better than any of us thought they would be.

    Our special teams are abysmal. Stamm should be sent packing.

    Baylor game is HUGE. Its winnable and could be a huge statement for our program.


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      Re: Rate our game

      From what I was able to see form the game.... our biggest hurdle will still be speed on defense. We play well in the red zone only because the opposing team can't spread us out and take advantage of our lack of speed. When other teams have lots of field to use, our secondary can't keep up.


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        Re: Rate our game

        Yeah, I'm not seeing much pass rush and our lack of turnover margin disturbs me a little.

        This is the type of game that doesn't tell me much, kind of like Toledo in '04. We win handily at home against an inferior team, great.

        Whether we can turn that into a couple of unexpected Big XII wins is another story, especially on the road.

        Next week, I don't expect us to win, but I'll be happy as hell if we do. I'm still thinking 4-8 or 5-7, especially with the injuries we have.