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  • Touchback

    One question, why didn't we make a bigger stink out of the ball the receiver threw over the the goal line.

    Why didn't we jump up and down and raise a bunch of stink. I didn't see any reaction from our sideline. Did anyone else?

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    Re: Touchback

    with all the other plays reviewed, why didn't hte booth review this?

    I thought it was obvious that nothing was out of bounds, he wasn't past the goaline, and he didn't have possession when he went out.

    IMO, that was a touchback.


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      Re: Touchback

      Gill mentioned after the game that the ref told him the player was definitely out when he fumbled. That's horsehit and Gill should have someone keeping an eye on every play. We got killed by not having extra timeouts to play with at that point (just having one with so much time left). That was a mistake by the refs, but a mistake by Gill to not be on the ball.