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Anyone in the KC area interested in starting a Ballpark Baseball league?

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  • Anyone in the KC area interested in starting a Ballpark Baseball league?

    For those of you that have never played Ballpark Baseball it is like Strat-O-Matic, only much, much better. It ain't fantasy baseball, rather a league in which we would meet to draft players, and then meet once a week to play the games. Ballpark baseball was started in Lawrence by a KU professor way back in the 70's, and I remember going to his house to purchase the cards. Back in the day there was a place in the Hillcrest(?) shopping center where you could get some food and brews and play the game. If anyone in the KC area is interested in doing this please let me know. It's a fun excuse to meet some other Wheaters and do some trash talking on baseball.

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    It's been a long time, but I remember that place. I played there often in my college years. It was just north of the Hillcrest Theater and across from the Yuk UP and the Yuk Down (billiards and beer). You could often go in there and find people to play the game with. They had tables with a button in the middle that generated a random number to use. I remember playing a few games and sharing some conversations with a tall gangly fellow who hung out there a lot....Bill James. He'd beat me and my 1960s all-stars with a bunch of players I had barely heard of at the time (e.g. Jacques Fournier, Eddie Lake, Ed Yost, etc.) I didn't know the game was still in production, but those were fun times. It is my belief that some of the foundation of his Sabremetric career was based on lessons learned from that game.
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      Is this the game Tom Hedrick, James Carothers and other professors would play?


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        Yup, that's the one. I remember the days of going over to one of their houses to purchase the cards. And the tables with the random number generators didn't last long. They went to pull sheets then to dice.