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    The D'backs signed Greinke to a six year deal. I'm guessing Cueto ends up with the Dodgers now. He can at times be as good as Greinke, albeit without the serial killer looks.

    Personally, I would have serious problems with giving a six year deal to a 32 year old pitcher. Plus, I thought the D'backs were in financial problems a few years back.

    Go ahead. Tell me this ISN'T the look of a guy who is fantasizing about gutting you with a kitchen knife while you sleep.

    You can't do it, can you?
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    also the Sox got Price and the Cubs got Lackey

    not sure if zach has homicidal tendencies tho


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      Royals re-signed Chris Young. Probably a good move. I heard they were after Soria again. Wish they'd get Zobrist back but I don't think that is gonna happen.


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        Originally posted by JayhawkRPh View Post
        Royals re-signed Chris Young. Probably a good move. I heard they were after Soria again. Wish they'd get Zobrist back but I don't think that is gonna happen.

        Zobrist is too pricey. The Young deal will be a steal again - dude just gets outs. Soria is reported 3 year 25 mil, BUT has a lot of incentives for innings pitched etc so it's hinting that he may try starting again, if he does that and it works out, it's another bargain.

        Tigers are out on Gordon and Royals believe their stiffest competition for him is the Cards.


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          I'd much, much, much rather have Greinke than Cueto, age be damned. Greinke is in great shape, has impeccable mechanics, and is a baseball savant. Cueto is... none of those things.

          I like Young, but he's only thrown over 150 innings once since 2008. I know the injuries are (hopefully) in the past, but we will need more innings. There has been some scuttlebutt over signing Kazmir. If the money is right, I'd be down for that (and we don't lose a compensatory pick). I love Duffy, but it's hard to trust him in the rotation. And if the going rate for good relievers continues, might make sense to shuffle him to the pen to have another cheap option there.

          Selfishly, I like Soria, and am glad to see him back. But 3/$24 seems like a liiiitle much for someone at his age.

          And McCullough has hinted at this, but Zobrist is long gone. He wants to play second and we have a nice albatross taking up that roster spot on this team that we won't be able to do anything with.


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            Chubbies get Zobrist :|

            no link, from espn breaking news scroll


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              Zobrist to Cubs. Goodnight sweet prince.

              That said, he got 4/$56. I would have thought long and hard about that if I'm DM with the way the market is going. Of course between the rumors that he wants to play second and we already have Infante, Colon, Mondesi, et. al. set at that position for the foreseeable future, it would be an untenable situation.


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                I wonder if/what we even offered him. Really loved that dude, and what he brought every day. That amount doesn't sound like too big of a stretch for KC, IMO...


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                  I would not have given that deal, but good for Ben. The problem is, for the most part when a player gets to 34-35 years of age when the drop-off hits it hits hard and it hits fast. No gradual decline. The cubbies will be paying a 39 year old player $16m a year in five years, and who knows how many steps he will have lost.