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    Originally posted by LARPHawk View Post
    That said, this Kansas team is one of the most wildly inconsistent teams I've ever seen. We've had three games where the oddsmakers missed by 21 points or more, plus a fourth that was close (18 pt whiff @Texas).
    Couldn't agree more. Prior to the season, I was confident we'd win the Indiana State game, not BC and Texas Tech. I thought Coastal Carolina was also likely and K-State was possible.

    The only prediction I have left at this point, is pain for the final 3 games. OSU, Baylor and Iowa State 'should' smoke us.


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      I wouldn’t underestimate us coming out of the bye week I’m going to remain optimistic that the staff identified what needs cleaning up and implements those changes and we will be competitive against Okie lite.


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        I think KU was a little fat, dumb and happy following the performance in the previous two games. We got this going now. When KSU punched them in the mouth they weren’t ready for it and couldn’t recover. It’s nice to have a bunch of fifth year players in your lines. In particular when the other side, us, has a lot of mismatched transfers, juco transfers, walkons, young guys and a couple of fifth years.