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What does this mean for us?

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  • What does this mean for us?


    Nearing the end of his second month on the job, University of Kansas athletic director Jeff Long on Tuesday announced his second major hire. And it came from a familiar place.

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    So is going to be in charge of the next ticket scam?


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      Sounds like Tom Keegan is already pissed at this new guy. Thinks he's the one who allowed Pooka his first interview with Holly Rowe and not the local media. Beaty has had a policy of not allowing Frosh to talk to the media. Thinks this new guy over-ruled him and gave it to Holly.


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        Keegan is pissed because the rule was "broken" or because he didn't get a piece?

        I'd bet dollars to donuts it's the latter

        He's the most dynamic player we've had in some time, I don't mind him getting some national exposure as long as it doesn't get to his head

        edit: also, if the national media comes calling, you answer IMO

        it's more telling that Pooka is the only person Holly wants to talk to


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          Holly has been very good to KU. She deserves it. I think Long is setting up the KUAD like it should have been run .