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    Saw this article this morning, thought it had some interesting names.

    I'd still prefer someone who has been a HC before, but a few guys on here stand out to me. Elliot has a hell of a resume but I'd think he can do better than KU.

    I wouldn't mind Schiano at all. In fact, I think he'd be a great hire. He's had experience as a HC in multiple stops but also been a part of big time programs, and has enough warts to keep the big boys from giving him a chance (see Tennessee). In general, I don't really want a defensive minded guy, but I'd make an exception for someone like him who has coached (and had success) before.

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    I honestly have no fricking idea what kind of coach could be successful here. At this point, if Nick Saban came and coached at KU, I think he'd be lucky to get us 4 wins by year 3.


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      Anything is better than the positions coach we have now...with his grad assistant level DC.