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New Sr Associate AD for Football Administration

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  • New Sr Associate AD for Football Administration

    Long going to work!

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    Beaty and Bowen have no idea who to suck up to anymore. Zenger is gone, and The Chancellor, The AD and the football AD are all outcome orientated leaders. I like the day to day support comment. No place to run or hide when your boss is around most every day.


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      This is a great idea and a very solid hire.


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        I have a good feeling about the hire too. Mr. Vollmar has quite a resume.


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          Beaty probably has a bad feeling about this hire. The gravy train is drying up


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            It's an intriguing strategy. First of all he does not need a basketball assistant AD. He has a Hall of Fame Coach to do that. By hiring Vollmar, he can avoid the perception that he is a "football AD" and he can concentrate on the overall program. In addition he will have a set of experienced eyes helping him scrutinize football as it recovers. I think he has realized that the dysfunction in the athletic department runs deeper than just football (facilities, funding, donations, other sports, fan support, media etc) and this gives him the time to attend to the entire system . It also gives him time to plug KU back into the broader network of college athletics that is so critical to our future.


            • Protist
              Protist commented
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              It also gives him someone to fire/blame if football doesn't turn around. Pretty clever.

            • Joe Norris
              Joe Norris commented
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              Your negativity makes my heart hurt, Protist :'(

              but it is your negativity that is the lifeblood of our athletic department

              I would like to win some games and be a competitive 2-10 (LOL)