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  • Lucky or Unlucky?

    Man plunges 39 stories, survives

    Associated Press

    September 2, 2010

    New York City — A New York City man who plunged 39 stories from the roof of an apartment building has survived after crashing onto a parked car.

    Witnesses and police say 22-year-old Thomas Magill tried to commit suicide by jumping from the high-rise at West 63rd Street on Tuesday. He landed in the backseat area of a Dodge Charger after crashing through the windshield.

    Magill suffered broken legs. Police say he’s in critical condition.

    The car’s owner, Guy McCormack, of Old Bridge, N.J., told the Daily News he’s convinced that rosary beads he kept inside the Dodge saved Magill’s life.

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    Re: Lucky or Unlucky?

    Did the rosary beads slow him down or something?


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      Re: Lucky or Unlucky?

      That would be my luck. Trying to off myself and can't even pull that off. :killme