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ASIW the A/C at my house died today

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  • ASIW the A/C at my house died today

    This sucks and during the 2nd hottest Arkansas summer in recorded history. I had a new outside compressor unit installed last May and now I think it's a problem with the furnace/blower unit inside.

    The one plus is I get to utilize the home owners warranty we got when we bought the house last October again.

    However, I'll be lucky to have a tech at the house Friday. They said it might not be until Monday because it's so damned hot and it appears everyone's A/C is broken.

    I went out and got 2 window units to keep the family from dieing of heat stroke. I think these are the last 2 window units available anywhere in the state for sale. This heat is nuts but the den and kitchen are pretty comfy right now with one of the units blowing. The other one's in the master bedroom. Hells yeah, me and the missus gotta be comfortable. The kids? They can huddle up on the den floor and sleep. :locust :locust :locust :locust :locust :locust

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    Re: ASIW the A/C at my house died today

    Mine went out two weeks ago. An emergency call later, the guy made it out that day but I was stuck hanging around waiting for eight hours in 96 degree Florida heat.

    Gin and tonic, lots of ICE, extra limes, saved my life. THANK YOU, ALCOHOL!