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  • Eat Sh*t and Die(t)!

    Apparently dieters who freeze their own poop when they are at their ideal weight can then consume the poop-cubes later in order to help restore their ideal gut biome to maintain their weight loss.

    I understand the science behind this. What I'm curious about is the first scientist to wake up one morning and say "Hey, I wonder what would happen if I ate my own crap?"
    Researchers say that taking frozen microbiome capsules created using one's own feces while dieting may help limit weight regain in the future. 

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    2 dieters, 1 cup


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      Originally posted by MissTCShore View Post
      2 dieters, 1 cup
      Who knew that movie was so prescient?

      From WiKi: It's the unofficial nickname of the trailer for "Hungry Bitches," a 2007 Brazilian scat fetish pornographic film.

      This WiKi description just goes to show you that the plot was completely misunderstood by Americans. They were just a couple of girls who were dieting and really hungry operating on the leading edge of scientific advancement. It was probably just lost in translation.


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        Can someone just eat a skinny girls ass, and become skinny?
        asking for a friend