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    Originally posted by KUGDI View Post

    It must be tailored to the user. Mine celebrates the possibility of all you encroachers dying off. #tribalpower
    I believe the preferred nomenclature is land-snatchers.


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      Originally posted by Hawker007 View Post
      Do Iphone 6s actually still work?
      Last year my 7+ needed repair.. I took the sim card out and put it in my old 3S. Phone woke up and went back to work. Didn't seem very happy about it but it did what I needed for a day. I put it back to sleep. I'm waiting until there is a true 5G phone, and service, before I buy another I phone.


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        Originally posted by FrobozMumbar View Post

        I believe the preferred nomenclature is land-snatchers.
        Nah, snatch sounds too inviting.


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          Originally posted by sean View Post

          I don't use it, but it's convenient to have something quickly accessible that works. When I had the android, I could use Google's assistant instantly and it was much more reliable. I can still use Google assistant, and do, on my iPhone but I have to open the app. Seconds matter. I am living in the fast lane. Maybe I need to buy a sports car while I am at it. I am about that age anyway.

          Mother effin . . . I suck. I just figured out that I can add Google Assistant to Siri.

          On an iPhone running iOS 12 or higher, download and install the latest version of Google Assistant to your iPhone. Then check for updates on the off-chance Assistant has been updated.

          Once installed, follow these steps:
          • Open Google Assistant on your device, and tap the button at the bottom right.
          • You will be asked if you want to add "OK, Google" to Siri.
          • Tap Add to Siri and record your phrase, “OK, Google,” for example, though you can use whatever phrase you like, even one like, “For the good of humanity, we must resist surveillance capitalism,” if you wish. Just make sure it’s a phrase you will remember.

          Once record your phrase, you’ll be able to use it to use Siri to use Google Assistant.

          I'm going to do this, use Siri to use Google Assistant, and I'm going to make my phrase "Alexa!"