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    First off, I acknowledge, I only have one side of this story, and it's my friend, so, of course I believe him...I've known him since childhood, so I trust him, but I don't know his ex, so, we'll just treat this as a hypothetical.

    Recently, he went through a messy-ish breakup and was the one that opted to leave.... landlord was a friend of his ex, but that friendship has apparently gone sideways....he asked me if I knew any lawyers in the Denver area, and I could have sworn we had a couple....either way, I know we have some lawyers that may be able to weigh in at a high level

    I know, you are not his or my lawyer, this isn't legal advice blah blah blah

    Here's what he sent me:

    "Moved in with out a lease. She rents from landlords and rented us the basement. We paid.’I have proof through text how she kept changing our rent date. Up until this last month where I told her I would pay one more month, but move my stuff out. She said I didn’t give her a thirty day notice (I did, I said I would pay another month) so she changed the locks on me and now my stuff is there.

    She now kicked my ex out after paying rent, midway through the month, and then let her chinchilla out of the cage to be eaten by the cats. Luckily, the cats like the chinchilla and didn’t touch her.

    But she is being verbally abusive and also through text. Is there anything we can do, even though we didn’t sign a lease?"

    Thanks in advance, friends

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    My brother is a criminal defense lawyer in Denver and Boulder. He's awesome according to his Google reviews.


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      Originally posted by sean View Post
      My brother is a criminal defense lawyer in Denver and Boulder. He's awesome according to his Google reviews.
      This is what I was hoping for from my WtW legal eagles!


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        I'm having trouble following who the "she" is in each instance. From what I can gather, we have the Landlord, let's call her "Sue". Sue apparently leases the joint from someone else, unnamed, so we'll call that person Prime Landlord.

        Sue allows these jokers, your buddy and his ex (we'll call her "Bitch" for the sake of this hypo) to crash in her basement, which she rents from PL. Buddy and Bitch pay Sue timely. Buddy and Bitch get sideways and Buddy decides it's time to pound sand. He tells Bitch he's gonzo, but offers up more than 30 days rent regardless. Bitch locks him out. Sue then boots Bitch unexpectedly and perhaps without cause? Also, presumably the same way you got 86'd, changing the locks? Finally, your chinchilla offers up inter species butt secks to save its life. Sue is now sext . . . I mean texting Buddy that she is gonna beat him like a rented mule? Is she also threatening Bitch? Why doesn't she just shank the chinchilla and throw it on the grill with a nice lemon/capers sauce?


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          I'm even more confused after reading illini's synopsis.


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            I'm even more turned on after reading illini's synopsis.


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              Illini hitting the sauce early today, must not have had to go to work due to ice/snow.


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                I meant to eventually circle back on this. Joe: feel free to call or text me for what light I can shed on the matter, with the understanding that I don't know Colorado law, but these things tend to be pretty similar among the several states.