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Priceless jewels stolen in Germany

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  • Priceless jewels stolen in Germany

    From the article on

    Apparently after setting fire to an electrical distribution facility and deactivating the alarm system, the thieves smashed a window and cut through a fence, then homed in on the Jewel Room. In minutes they made off with about 100 pieces of 18th century jewelry, including diamonds and gemstones from the museum founder's original collection. Officials say the jewels' full value is immeasurable; others estimate their value at around a billion dollars.
    This happened in Dresden Germany.

    Let me be the first to say - GERMAN SECURITY SUCKS!

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    Jewels, priceless. LOL.


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      Seems like that would be a hard thing to find a market for


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        I would guess that they will either melt the suckers down or find a rich buyer on the underground art/jewelry market. It's not like you can go into Manny's pawn shop and hock one of these suckers.

        I'm thinking the Dresden police are regretting their decision to just put up the "This castle protected by ADP" sign and not springing for the cash to get a real alarm.


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          I would wager that the buyer was established before the theft took place.