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I'm so proud of my wife

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  • I'm so proud of my wife

    Did she finally convince the hot barmaid to be our Unicorn? Nope. Did she make a killing on Wall Street? Nope. She defended herself on the mean streets of planned suburban America.

    We live in an affluent area that like most has a growing problem with the homeless, that continues to be get worse. It's kind of amusing but several of the advocates for the homeless live in the gated part of the community. It's unlikely the homeless would be allowed in, except for the annual liberal show and tell event for the children. A preppy version of scared straight for the kids.

    She was walking at an outdoor shopping center when a homeless guy approached her and demanded, didn't ask, for money. She said no and the guy shoved her. Told me she lost it for a split second and punched the guy in the face. Even drew some blood, more on that later.

    My wife is 5"10" and 120 pounds. Has the arms and legs of someone 6'1". Put her in six inch heels and a mini skirt, oh wait this isn't an ad. The point is she is long and lean put not particularly thick. Not real mean either. Just don't push her too far.

    A couple of fellow shoppers pushed them apart and finally Andy and Barney looked up from their smart phones, jumped in the official golf cart and made it in time to take credit for what others had done. Asked if she wanted him arrested she said no just get rid of him.

    This event has caused some great consternation among our liberal friends. The poor misunderstood homeless narrative took a hit after one made a minor physical assault on a local woman. I'm sure some will think she have checked her privilege and let him shove at will. Most likely this incident will be forgotten when the Thanksgiving leftovers get dropped off near the entrance of the homeless camp.

    When she got home we realized the at she had a lot of dried blood on a ring from her right hand. I believe we left that in boiling water for a couple of days to kill any creepy crawlers.

    Goodbye from the mean streets of affluent planned suburbia.

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    I’m all for self defense, and being homeless and needy doesn’t entitle you to other people’s stuff

    anyone that struggles with this needs to reassess priorities

    now, Ms.Lifestyle, go throw on those heels and miniskirt, and find that unicorn...make it a real banner weekend


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      Good job, Mrs. Lifestyle!

      And like Joe said, you guys have some unfinished business.


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        This sounds like a YouTube Influencer® in the making. Dress your hotwife up in sexy outfits and video her kicking the shit out of random homelesses. I'd subscribe to that channel.


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          I’ll be honest with you, I could use a good ass kicking!


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            Can she play D-Line and does she have any eligibility left?


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              Nevermind. Bad joke.
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                Originally posted by WolfShirtSophomore View Post
                But did she suck his dick though? You left that part out. Inquiring minds want to know
                Yeah, that's funny. I guess...


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                  Originally posted by beakumhawks View Post
                  Can she play D-Line and does she have any eligibility left?
                  She goes both ways and has a nose for any gaps that open up and need to be filled.


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                    I hear she has beautiful teeth.


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                      I need pics to gauge if i too am proud of your wife