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    ^^ Nope.. Gmail. Gmail does not leave an ip address that traces back to your actual location.
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      After asking for the picture

      Ok when i do that will you help me and receive my boxes????
      Depends on how hot you are.
      please help me so i can leave here okay this is my photo attach to the email
      Attached was a picture. I thought it might have been something he found on the web but Tineye did not find a match.

      Are you sure that is your photo? I have a friend coming over later today and he knows how to trace a photo on the internet and he will be able to tell me in two seconds if this is you or a picture you grabbed off the web. Baby, in order for us to trust and love each other we need to be honest with each other. What is my friend going to find if he traces the picture you sent me?
      And, when I got no response...

      No reply? Last chance baby. My friend will be here in a few minutes and check the photo for me.
      He goes silent for two days and I thought I might have lost him so I send him another email

      Show me your ass
      I finally get a response

      hello that is my photo i have never lied before in my life ok i respect my religion so tell me are you going to help me receive my package this is taking too long ok i need to leave here please
      Baby where have you been? Don't go away so long. Daddy worries. I thought your uncles might have found you and killed you.

      Of course I will help you. I just need you to send me a picture of that sweet ass to keep me warm at night.
      daddy i was asked to leave the hotel because i have not paid for 3days now am thinking and crying daddy please help me let me leave here dad

      He sure does cry a lot.


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        Of course he cries. He’s running from his mean uncles and desperately needs your help. Oh, the humanity.


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          This is some creepy weird shit. “Daddy”, “Baby”, “sweet ass”.......WTF is going on?


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            Originally posted by Lurch22 View Post
            This is some creepy weird shit. “Daddy”, “Baby”, “sweet ass”.......WTF is going on?
            "He typed as he slowly unzippped his pleated Dockers..."


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              Lads like to call you "daddy" as they think it puts them in a father-son relationship, and what father doesn't want to help his son. The rest of the stuff is new territory for me, and I only went down that path because the lad kept saying he would do anything for me.

              He is sending me two and three emails at a time now

              dad please help me so i can leave here daddy please .they are giving me few time to leave here daddy please
              Attached to that one was a close-up picture of a naked butt

              He then sent me an email containing nothing but an even closer picture of a naked butt.

              How much do you owe on your hotel bill? I will send the hotel the money just as soon as I get a picture of YOUR ass and not a picture of an ass you found online. To make sure you are not lying to me I will need to see a picture of your face and bare ass and you need to hold a sign that reads ALL FOR YOU PENFOLD. Just as soon as I get that I will take care of your bills.I was burned before by a young lad who cost me thousands and thousands of dollars and I will not let it happen again.
              daddy why do you want to do this to me please help me and i will do everything you are asking me to do ok please dad and my phone is faulty i swear i will do everything my heart is pure for you daddy i love you so much
              Spoiler alert - His heart is not pure

              And he is back to crying.....

              daddy if you can pay my hotel bills first i will do that and even do more than that to prove my love for you and my sincerity....they gave me few hours in the hotel am out thinking and crying dad please help me and pay it i swear i will do everything for you dad....i cant do in unless i pay them the money am thinking and crying dad please am outside now...
              Payment after pictures. Best spend that time wisely.
              daddy you dont understand am outside the hotel the time they gave me has expired am outside crying
              Well, you had better take the pictures I want and send them to me. Once you do that I will contact the hotel and pay your bill.
              Daddy I have to take a risk to do this because I told a worker here to help me so I can take photo and send to my dad she said OK and she and I have to do it fast...this is the photo below



              He does not want to show his face. Clearly the picture of him and the ass he sent me were not his.

              No I don't think you understand. I need to see a full picture of you showing your sweet ass. Look over your left shoulder at the camera and hold the sign where I can clearly see it.
              Emails are now coming five minutes apart

              Dad they have locked the room am outside with my luggage oh my God please help me so I can pa and do all this for you dad please
              You know what I need. Don't be a baby.

              I know dad but the room is locked dad am outside as am talking to you please believe and trust in me dad please am pleading dad if I can pay for a night they will let me in please dad understand what am saying dad
              There is a song by the British musical group The Who that has the line "I won't get fooled again.". That is how I am feeling now. Just a couple of months ago I tried to help a lad in a similar situation as yours. In return all I got was lies and lies and more lies. I ended up out over $10k and am facing criminal charges for aiding a terrorist because of this lying sack of shit. You want to prove to me that you are sincere? There is only one way to do that. Send me the pictures I demand and then and only then will I pay your hotel bill and help you with your boxes.
              So since I can't go into the room.... What should o do? It's fine dad if you don't want to help me and you feel I will hurt you or telling lies to you it's OK but I swear am not lieing to I believe by the grace of God I will be fine thanks so much and don't forget I love you dad let me go around and look for where I will put my luggage and sleep I pray I find help

              What you should do is take the pictures I demand and then I will help you. Baby, all you seem to want to do is cry and complain. The lad that stole my money and got me in all this trouble also swore he was not lying. Surely you see where I am coming from. So give me those pictures and all your troubles will go away.
              Thanks so much but I must tell you am not a liar OK and am just myself and nobody else I have told you dad that I don't have room am outside as am talking to you am outside hoe I wish you can see me now outside thinking and crying.... Well it's OK I see you can't help me its OK daddy when am OK I will get to you or when I see a room to lay my head I will do whatever you want me to do but not for your money OK because I don't need your money I only need your help... And I promise to do everything for you so you will believe my love for you dad it's fine I love you dad God will make a way
              Spoiler alert - He is a liar. And yes, the crying emoticons were his.

              Baby you need to stop thinking and crying and start doing! What I ask of you is not difficult. Yes, God will make a way, but it's the lazy man who sits back and waits for God to do everything for him. So get me the pictures I asked for and let's start solving your problems.

              OK can you call you video call or is there any way I can reach you and we talk more or if possible hangout email chat or anything so we can chat and I call you video OK daddy
              The rest is pretty boring, but he did send a video of his gold. I am going to try and hit him up on chatzy later today.
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                We had a chat.

                Things got rather dirty. Sorry about that. He is using the sex angle to play to my sympathies and I wanted to keep that going. I am Penfold and the lad is Andy frank.

                Penfold: why did you lie to me?
                Andy frank: Daddy where are you from...?
                Penfold: Answer my question first. Why did you lie to me?
                Andy frank: Daddy I swear I didn't lie to you and besides I don't tell lies
                Andy frank joined the chat
                Andy frank: Dad what did I lie to you
                Penfold: BULLSHIT!! I may be old but I"m not completely blind. That picture of the ass you sent me wasn't even close to the color or the person you sent me.
                Penfold: You must think I am stupid or something
                Andy frank: OK dad that's not my photo my pics is the last one I sent to you
                Penfold: So you lied to me
                Penfold: Then you lied when you said that you don't lie
                Andy frank: Yes dad then I don't trust you that was why I have to lie that is my pics because I want to know you more
                Penfold: So why should I trust you when all you do is lie to me?
                Andy frank: Am sorry dad
                Andy frank: Am sorry dad just that I want to trust you first
                Penfold: Sorry don't do shit. Send me the pictures I asked you to send then we can start talking about sorry and trust
                Andy frank: Dad do you know where I slept?
                Penfold: Don't change the subject
                Andy frank: OK dad
                Penfold: what does ok mean?
                Andy frank: Am outside please pay for the room so I can go in
                Penfold: NO!! You get nothing until you earn my trust and you earn my trust only by sending me the pictures I demand. You have been a very bad boy
                Penfold: I bet you don't even like ice cream
                Andy frank: So dad how can I take the pics?
                Penfold: Not my problem Figure it out
                Andy frank: OK I will do that later
                Penfold: Do it today and don't make me angry again. Do you remember the picture you are supposed to send me?
                Andy frank: Yes daddy
                Penfold: Tell me
                Penfold: Tell me quickly
                Andy frank: Dad why is it you don't want to help me?
                Andy frank: It's OK I don't want anything from you anymore I will try and be fine
                Penfold: I can't help you if I can't trust you and right now I don't trust you
                Andy frank: Am not sending anything when am outside
                Penfold: Find a way and earn my trust
                Andy frank: OK keep your trust OK
                Andy frank: Thanks dad
                Andy frank: I love you dad
                Penfold: Have you told me one thing that was the truth?
                Penfold: Just one thing. We know the picture was a lie and the picture of your ass was a lie. Just tell me one truth you told me
                Andy frank: What truth....?

                Andy frank: All I told you was the righ
                Penfold: Exactly. What truth have you told me?
                Andy frank: I told you the truth about my boxes and my life
                Penfold: I don't believe you. If you want my help you need to earn it
                Andy frank: Yes but the last photos I sent to you is me that is my pics
                Andy frank: Don't worry I don't need your help anymore dad thanks so much I love you dad
                Penfold: I don't understand why this is so hard for you to understand
                Andy frank: Let's forget about what I told you OK I don't trust you then
                Andy frank: Don't worry dad I will be fine
                Penfold: I have a room full of gold. I don't need your money or gold. I just wanted to help you and have some sweet sex.

                (That got his attention. We now get into Penthouse Forum mode. Not for the faint of heart)

                Andy frank: How I wish am close to you and suck your **** and watch your **** go inside my ***
                Penfold: More lies?
                Penfold: I don't even know what your ass looks like
                Andy frank: Am not lieing OK I can suck your ****
                Andy frank: My ass is so cute and sweet
                Penfold: How do I know I want you to suck my ****?
                Andy frank: When you **** inside me you will enjoy it
                Penfold: Don't want that. I want to **** my *** all over your face and have you ******* every drop
                Andy frank: I will suck your **** with a chocolate ice cream
                Penfold: Make it mint chocolate chip
                Andy frank: Yes dad I will swallow your *** and kiss you
                Penfold: Now you are just teasing me
                Andy frank: Dad will you allow me to suck your **** with milk
                Andy frank: Am not teasing you dad
                Penfold: Depends. Send me your real picture of you and your naked as and I will decide
                Andy frank: I want you and want your **** inside me
                Andy frank: I can't send photo here
                Penfold: You can find a way.
                Andy frank: Dad I want to come to you
                Penfold: Are you really ugly? Is that why you don't want me to see what you really look like?
                Penfold: You know what you need to do to come to me?
                Andy frank: Am not ugly dad
                Andy frank: OK dad I will come to you
                Penfold: Send me the pictures first then we will talk about me sending you money to travel to me
                Andy frank: That will be good dad I want to see you and sleep close to you all day
                Penfold: Pictures first
                Andy frank: I will send you pics
                Penfold: I look forward to them. You remember what you are supposed to send, right?
                Penfold: Do you?
                Penfold: remember
                Penfold: what
                Penfold: pics
                Penfold: you
                Penfold: are
                Penfold: suposed
                Penfold: to
                Penfold: send
                Penfold: me?

                The idiot left chat and emailed me a picture of a guy sitting at a bar. The guy was obviously not our hero. He then rejoined

                Andy frank joined the chat
                Andy frank: Have sent you my pics
                Andy frank: Have you seen it?
                Penfold: That is not the pic you were supposed to send me is it?
                Andy frank: That is all I can send dad
                Penfold: Well you had better find a way to send me what I require then
                Andy frank: I don't want anything from you again thanks so much
                Penfold: This again?????
                Andy frank: If you want to see my pics let me come to you
                Andy frank: It's fine dad good bye
                Andy frank: If you can help me and get the room fine
                Andy frank: Am sorry am not sending anything bye
                Andy frank: Don't help me OK thanks
                Andy frank: I have been pleading and asking for help you don't want to help me
                Andy frank: It's fine OK thanks
                Penfold: AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?
                Penfold: good bye
                Andy frank: How can I do that?
                Andy frank: When I don't have room


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                  Since he seems to have dropped Penfold I decide on another angle. Introducing Feathers McGraw. Feathers is my favorite character to use as he is a sociopath and a high ranking member of the international crime organization know as the Snorky Boys. My favorite angle for Feathers is to have him be an orphan living in an orphan home. Feathers is rather tough to understand, as his spelling is horrible. He is modeled loosely on El Chapo, whose spelling was so bad that DEA agents monitoring his texts most times had real trouble figuring out what he was trying to say. This is a shining example of the work that Fathers can do (and my all time favorite bait)

                  howdy frend my nam is feathers and i is an orfan at da orfan home da pengwin makes sum of us orfans go 2 old man penfolds hous 2 help him out and dat is how i nose abot da game u is runing on him dont wory i is not gong 2 tel i likes wat uis dong and i tink we can work wel together i nose da gam u is tring 2 run on da prevert penfold and it is a gud gam da old man is loded rich hes got a valt da size of most hoses filed wit mony and dimonds and gold and he givs mony 2 da pengwin so she can pay 4 peple 2 cum in and rede 2 us orfans so wat u say patner??????
                  Am fine am in because I need help from him OK I will do anything when i come to him ok
                  no u t runing a game on him dats ok i lik dat abot u and u nede my help 2 tak da prevert down
                  Ok what's going on
                  howdy frend wat is gong on is mony mony mony?????? lik i told u i is an orfan at da orfan hom and i nse da prevert penfold relly well u is runing da game on da old man wich is kool cuz he is just a rich prevert u needs my help 2 do da big scor and i nedes ur help ok???? we partners on dis ting????
                  Ok what do you want me to do?
                  howdy frend da old man is loded and we can tak him for lots of mony ok??? we split da mony 70% 4 me and 25% 4 u ok
                  Ok so tell me how can we do it...?
                  howdy partner ok partner hear is how we dos it ok???? u wrok ur magic on yur end and i givs u da dope on wat woks best wit da prevert ok??? wat gam is u da best at?????? is it da galdbox game??????
                  How is penfold...?
                  penfold is an old prevert wit lots of mony he givs mony 2 pengwin and pengwin use da mony 2 pay pepes 2 rede 2 us orfans his brota lenny livs wit him and lenny is an old fule dis is esy mony i tel u???
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